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Sydney Naturopath Hayley Stockbridge

Who is Naturopath Hayley Stockbridge | Naturopathic Qualifications

I’m Hayley Stockbridge, a degree qualified naturopath with clinics in Fairlight on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and in Stanmore in Sydney’s Inner West.

Who is Naturopath Hayley Stockbridge?

I’m passionate about helping you to understand how your lifestyle and diet affects your body, and providing you with practical naturopathic services so you can manage your day-to-day-routine to achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

Your Health Is My Concern

I approach your unique health situation holistically, rather than simply prescribing herbs and potions. In my consultations I will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to improve your health. I have over 10 years experience and I treat men, women and children of all ages across a range of health issues.

Growing up on Sydney’s northern beaches, I was blessed with a naturally healthy and active lifestyle. This, and my passion for sharing the benefits of healthy living with people, led me to naturopathy. I can show you how to live like I do and how to fit staying healthy into your busy modern lifestyle.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science (Naturopathy) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Naturopathy, and all my work is backed up by tested scientific methods for improving and maintaining your health.

Naturopathic Qualifications

Bachelor of Applied Science (Naturopathy), University of Western Sydney

Postgraduate Diploma of Naturopathy, University of Western Sydney

ATMS 22161