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I’m passionate about helping you to understand how your lifestyle and diet affects your body, and providing you with practical naturopathic services so you can manage your day-to-day-routine to achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

Northern Beaches Naturopath, Hayley Stockbridge


Everyone deserves to feel their best, energetic and healthy self every day, so I hope to see you soon to help you feel the best version of yourself.

Northern Beaches Naturopath, Hayley Stockbridge


I´m Hayley, a Northern Beaches Naturopath located in Balgowlah, Sydney.

I am a mum to 3 young boys – so I understand the juggle of busy family life and how this can impact your health. I have 15 years years of experience in supporting my patients through all aspects of a healthy family life. I treat women, men, babies, kids and adolescents. Whilst I treat all health issues, I have a special interest in gut health (including IBS, constipation, inflammatory bowel diseases, bloating and reflux) as well as women’s health, pregnancy, fertility and hormones. 


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Client success stories

Then I met you, Hayley

“I used to suffer from terrible gut pain and bloating, I struggled to lose weight, and I was constantly tired. Everything was just wrong. Then I met you, Hayley. You have changed my life, not only did you help me get all of my problems under control, I have lost weight and my energy is back.”


I would highly recommend her

“I am doing the Weight Management course and have found Hayley to be very professional and her knowledge about foods and their properties is remarkable. She is thorough and very personable. I would highly recommend her.”


Live a healthier and fuller life

“Seeing Hayley much more beneficial than seeing a Dr and taking a quick pill to mask underlying problems. I believe seeing a Naturopath is extremely beneficial for people who really want to live a healthier and fuller life, and get a clear understanding on how the body works.”


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